Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Goodbye Bernie?

Every few days an article goes up in the NY papers wondering if we have seen the last of Bernie Williams as a New York Yankee. It would seem to me that the answer is yes. Overall is Bernie still as good a player as most bench players? Well, of course, probably better. But what kills Bernie is that at this point in his career there isn't one thing he does really well. His best contribution would be as a right-handed pinch hitter. What the Yankees really need from their bench players though, is defense and baserunning. Bernie cannot offer that.

There is often mention that there will be room for Bernie if Melky is traded. It would be horribly shortsighted to trade away Melky, who at this point can do essentially everything better than Bernie, just to give Bernie one last hurrah. I don't foresee Cashman making such a move.

Of course, if we can find 400ABs for Melky this year, is it possible we could use a 5th OF? Yes possible... but again, we'd probably want a defensive specialist who can run. So maybe Bernie will have no choice but to suck it up and get working on that 2nd album.

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